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Design philosophy
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As you are already aware, this site presents data of a highly graphical nature. This is not surprising, as ephemera business depends almost entirely upon the visual appeal of the products offered. Unfortunately, most of the time spent viewing this site will involve waiting for images to download. For this reason, we have structured the site with few graphical images, save those that depict the items offered for sale.

Much time and effort has been expended on the design and layout of this site. We would appreciate any constructive comments, positive or negative, that you have offer.

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Many internet users have strong feelings against the much maligned cookie. The ill feelings are based on common misconceptions. Cookies are used to store information that may be transmitted between the client software (your browser) and the server to which your browser is connected. Cookies are only a repository for data. They havn't the ability to glean information about you or your system.

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Cheshire Cat Antiques creates a single cookie that is deleted when you exit your browser. It is used by the on-line ordering software to remember those items that you intend to order. Furthermore, your name, address, telephone number, email address, and other sensitive information is used solely for the purpose of processing your order. At no time is information about you made available other parties.

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Web Advertising
You will find advertising banners on many sites. The placement of these banners on your screen is usually well chosen. You can't help but see them, and be distracted from viewing information the site has to offer. You won't find any advetising banners here. Nor does Cheshire Cat Antiques sell advertising space. Internet sites and antique shops listed on our "Links" and "Shows" page appear free of charge to our friends, as a courtesy. In some cases, they have reciprocated with links to this site.